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Thousands of patients across Northeast Ohio have chosen LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland as their LASIK provider. We have highlighted just a few of their testimonials below. Our entire team takes pride in providing the best LASIK experience possible to every single patient—from your 最初的咨询 到你的 手术后的 任命. We look forward to helping you achieve outstanding vision correction results through laser eye surgery, 就像这些病人一样.

  • 艾伦•考克斯


    "I had always been near-sighted and I was tired of straining to focus, even while wearing my glasses. After LASIK, there’s no more squinting, no more glasses, and no side-effects at all. I owe all of my near-superhero visual abilities to Dr. Eippert."

  • 杰西卡Bocian


    “LVC是惊人的. The customer service they provide is wonderful and I highly recommend them to anyone in need of Lasik."

  • 杰西卡·麦克休


    “我在LVC的经历非常棒! 每个员工都很棒, 漂亮和善良, and they all made the LASIK experience smooth and comfortable. I am so happy with my new vision thanks to Dr. Eippert和LVC!"

  • 萨曼莎Arotzarena


    "I was referred to LVC by my eye doctor, and I am so glad he partnered with this amazing team. Everyone in the office is extremely helpful and very caring. Dr. Eippert is an amazing surgeon and is very clear on what he needs from you as a patient. He took the time to call me after my surgery to make sure I was still doing ok. LVC has top-of-the-line equipment which makes for an easy and painless surgery. I have recommended LVC to all my friends and relatives looking to get Lasik. 我不会去其他任何地方!"

  • 特里史泰宾斯


    "My experience with Lasik Vision Centers of Cleveland was amazing! They did a great job of keeping me informed before, during, and after the procedure. The doctor even called me that evening after the procedure to check on me and make sure I was doing well. I can now see my clock when I wake up in the morning. I'm thrilled with the results and would highly recommend LVC of Cleveland."

  • 谢伟思


    "I had my Lasik eye surgery done last Friday. 工作人员很友好,乐于助人. Dr Eippert and the staff made me feel comfortable and at ease. My procedure was quick and I didn't feel any pain or discomfort. I was given aftercare instructions which I followed exactly; I'm glad I had this procedure. 完全没有什么可担心的. Thanks Lasik Vision Centers of Cleveland."

  • 亚历克西斯·卢卡斯


    “这是我最好的经历. 我一开始是意外来的, but they were able to squeeze me in for a consultation the same day. The staff was so friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable! 我的手术那天太轻松了, they made me feel super comfortable and walked me through everything step by step, and the surgery was exactly what they said to expect. 超级简单快捷! I would recommend them time and time again!"

  • 劳伦·克罗利


    “我不知道该怎么感谢大夫. 艾珀特和他的团队够了! 手术很快而且无痛. I woke up the next day with better than 20/20 vision, and relatively zero discomfort or side effects. This was easily the best investment I have ever made, and I highly recommend LVC to anyone."

  • 达格玛德兰格


    “我做过的最好的一件事! I just did my one week follow-up 任命 after LASIK last week and I have 20/20 vision! Dr. Eippert and his team made this whole experience so comfortable and easy. Dr. Eippert even called me the evening after the surgery to make sure I felt fine. I highly recommend Lasik Vision Centers of Cleveland!"

  • 娜塔莉·海涅曼

    谷歌当地导游 对谷歌

    "They definitely know what they're doing! 快速、无痛, and they are super clear about what is going to happen and what to expect for surgery day. 很高兴我这么做了."

  • 杰基Steffy


    "I wanted to have LASIK done for years but was so nervous. Finally had the courage and the right time for me to do it. I had no idea where to go since there are so many options. I am almost one week post LASIK and I loved every decision I made. The staff at LVC is incredible so nice and educated. I am loving my 20/20 vision without any issues, contacts, or glasses. 谢谢,LVC!"

  • 乔治·沃德


    “快速和容易. 非常专业的员工."

  • 香农·夏尔马


    "Dr. Eippert, Jim, and the other employees are very knowledgeable. They instantly made me comfortable and explained the whole process thoroughly. They are efficient and quick, and I was very grateful for all their support and advice. I would definitely recommend LASIK through LVC because of their proficiency!"

  • 梅根·史密斯


    "The LVC team was amazing from start to finish. Informative, kind, respectful, and confident! I would recommend anyone considering LASIK to make an 任命. They will answer any questions without pressure. 谢谢你,LVC!!"

  • 凯利Hendershot


    "All the staff that I came across were so pleasantly nice and knowledgeable about anything I asked. They made sure I was informed every step of the way. Definitely would recommend anyone going to LVC!!"

  • 亚历克斯DeCamillo


    "I had the LASIK procedure done and it went very smoothly! The team is very thorough in making sure you understand everything that happens and what to expect. I highly recommend going to at least a consultation here if you're interested in having a similar procedure done. I'm 4 days out of surgery and everything looks and feels great!"